Do I need a GP Referral?

No.  If you have a problem you can come to us without seeing your GP.  However, some of the Health Insurance Providers (such as VHI, etc.) may not repay your fees if you do not have a GP. referral.   You should contact your Health Insurance Provider to find out if they need you to be referred.

Can I claim back some or all of my physiotherapy fee from my health insurance provider?

Yes.  But check with your Health Insurance Provider: Whether you need a referral to do this, and the level of cover available.   Some will cover 100% of your fees, others may cover less.  However, if you do not get the full amount repaid, you can claim the balance, plus your Doctor’s bills, your X-rays, etc., against your tax.  This is done by completing a MED ONE form which is available at our clinic.  This form will also let you claim for medical expenses incurred over the previous three years.

Do you treat both young and old?

Yes. The youngest patient we ever treated was three weeks old and the oldest was ninety seven years of age.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, but they cost a little more because of the travel time involved.

How do I know how much my course of treatments will cost?

At the time of your first visit, part of which is a thorough assessment of your problem, your Physiotherapist will usually be able to tell you the approximate number of treatments you will need.

  • February 2014